Estate Planning; Probate Administration; Probate Litigation

Estate Planning And Probate Administration

Estate Planning:

People often think of estate planning as something reserved for the very wealthy or elderly. While you may not need a complex trust, most people should have a basic estate plan. Even the most basic estate plans includes five essential documents: a) Last Will & Testament, b) Durable Power of Attorney, c) Health Care Power of Attorney, d) Living Will and e) HIPAA Waiver. Our Stow office is conveniently located and we are happy to meet around your busy schedule. Our office provides you with a customized plan to suit your individual needs. These important arrangements don’t have to cost a fortune and ensure the things you’ve worked hard for are preserved and protected. Unfortunately, neglecting this essential planning often results in substantial time and cost to those resolving one’s affairs.

Probate Administration:

The passing of a loved one can be a very difficult time for a family. Often people are overwhelmed when dealing with matters such as transferring real estate, paying final expenses, dealing with creditors and asset distribution. Regardless of whether a person died with a will, or intestate (without a will), there are a variety of procedures that must be followed based on your individual circumstance. Didion & Green can help your family navigate through the complexities of probate administration in Summit, Medina and Portage counties.

Probate Litigation:

Occasionally, disputes may arise in a probate matter. Jessica and John have extensive litigation experience and are willing to tackle challenges including, but not limited to, will contests, breach of fiduciary duties, and alleged financial exploitation.

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